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Why can't I get pregnant? and 'When is the best time to get pregnant?' are questions we get asked time and time again. The best time to get pregnant is during the female ovulation. To increase your chances of becoming pregnant, ideally you should have intercourse a few hours before ovulation occurs. Also take into account that male fertility is decreased with repetitive ejaculation so ideally the crucial intercourse, just hours before ovulation should be after a day or two of abstinence on the part of the male.

Male Fertility

After a few months of trying to become pregnant without success you might start to wonder if there might be something wrong. Why cant I get pregnant? you ask and male fertility is one of the first avenues that many unsuccessful couples explore. In our experience, more often than not couples start to look for reasons they are not becoming pregnant when really they just need a few pointers and a little basic education in the whole process of getting pregnant which we all think we learned when young but there are many gaps in what most of us have been taught. We need to know when is the best time to get pregnant


Why Can't I Get Pregnant?

 Why can't I get pregnant? you ask...  well there could be countless reasons for this. The possibility that there is something physically wrong, such as male fertility or general infertility problems are statistically slim. It is very possible that simply you are not having intercourse at the appropriate time, or that your lifestyle and how you treat your body is having a negative effect on your efforts.


Here are a few very basic pointers to increase you chances in getting pregnant.

  • Don't Drink

  • Don't Smoke

  • Eat Healthy

  • Chill out (De-stress yourself with massages, vacations or whatever it takes)

  • Don't take drugs

  • Avoid medications as much as possible (consult your doctor for this)


  • Don't wear tight underwear or pants.

  • Try not to ejaculate more than once every 2 days.


  • An orgasm soon after (or during) the male ejaculation can help the sperm on their way.

  • After intercourse lie for 15 minutes or so on your back with your knees up (resting on your chest)

  • Use a charting method to help you get to know your body and therefore predict with more accuracy exactly when you are about to ovulate.

  • If you are irregular, then you must learn to read the tell tale, 'ovulation' signs.

  • Try to have intercourse just before ovulation.

Why can't I get pregnant


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"Why cant I get pregnant?" I hear you cry. Whether it be just that you don't know when is the best time to get pregnant or you feel you might have a male fertility problem, we hope to be able to provide you with all the information you need.

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