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Ovulation time

no nonsense guide to getting pregnant

With our OVULATION CALCULATORabove you can easily get month pregnant time, Just enter your details and it will calculate your ovulation time, the fetal age and your due date.

The No Nonsense Guide To Getting Pregnant

* The LUTEAL PHASE or Post Ovulation Time is the time between ovulation and the first day of the menstrual period. The length of the luteal phase is fixed and in the majority of women lasts for exactly 14 days. This number can vary with some women having a luteal phase of 15 or 16 days and others as short as 12 days, but, whatever the length of your luteal phase, it is always constant being the same number of days long, month in - month out... even if you have irregular periods. If you do have an irregular cycle then the 'irregular' part of the cycle is the first part up to ovulation. Once ovulation has occurred then your period will start exactly 14 days later (or however many days long your luteal phase is) unless of course fertilization has occurred..

Ovulation Calculator

Use the ovulation calculator below to discover the best time to get pregnant. It will show you when your current ovulation time is in the month you enter. Useful for finding out when to get pregnant and for predicting due dates.

When To Get Pregnant

To use the ovulation calculator to find the best time to get pregnant simply enter the date of your last period, ie the first day of bleeding. I most cases that should be the only detail you need to enter. If however you have a cycle that is more or less than 28 days long then enter the correct figure in the 'length of cycles' box. (If you are irregular then enter the average cycle length over the last few months)

If you have been plotting your temperature using the BBT (balsam body temperature) method then you will know that your 'Luteal' Phase is the time between ovulation and the first day of bleeding. Even in women with irregular cycles this phase is always the same number of days which for most is 14 days. If it is more or less than 14 days then you should enter the length in the 'Luteal Phase Length' box otherwise you can leave it blank.

Best Time To Get Pregnant

If you have regular periods then you can quite safely use the ovulation calculator to find out when to get pregnant. As we have stated before, the best time to get pregnant is on the days you are ovulating by having sex immediately before you ovulate. 

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* The LUTEAL PHASE also known as the Post Ovulation Time is the amount of time between ovulation and the start of the menstrual period. This time is usually very stable in most women. For those of you who have irregular periods, the irregular part is before ovulation occurs. Once ovulation has occurred then the period will arrive after exactly the amount of days of your Luteal phase which in most women is 14 days.

Use the  ovulation calculator to find out the best time to get pregnant and discover when to get pregnant.

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